Who are we and what is our goal?

Our mission: Increase your value of production

Neocoooper Industrial Solutions has been established in 2015 by Christian Wermeter and has specialized itself in increasing our clients' value of production. A professional support, starting from a thorough analysis of the situation and the development of a goal-oriented solution to the skilled mentoring during the installation process, builds the foundation of our work.

Top Service and Reliability are our core values. We'd walk through fire for our customers and would never let you stand in the rain. 

Innovation and Efficiency are central for us. An innovative product must always create added value in the long term.

After 4 years in business, Neocooper Industrial Solutions has established itself on the market as an industrial sales agency and has acquired a broad portfolio of international customers. We are proud of this achievement, because it confirms that our honest and transparent work style is valued by our partners.

After a successful startup phase, we are since 2018 located in the Lebe Business Center at the Avantis business park Heerlen, next to the A76 motorway.