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Neocooper Industrial Solutions is the Industrial Representation of CinchSeal Shaft Seals in Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg

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What are the advantages of CinchSeal shaft seals?

CinchSeal shaft seals have considerable benefits compared to glands and lip seals

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Eliminate Leakage and Production Loss

Thanks to their unique and patented design, CinchSeal shaft seals eliminate all kinds of leakages and prevent production loss, as well as product contamination. 

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No more Shaft Wear

CinchSeal shaft seals work with a silicone elastomer that turns with the shaft and protects the surface of the shaft from wear and abrasion.

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Maintenance free

CinchSeal shaft seals use an internal compression and an air purge to adjust the seal automatically without any maintenance work and are easily repairable.

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Durable and Energy Efficient

A lifespan of more than 4 years in demanding environments paired with 30% less energy consumption guarantee a positive return.

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Hygienic and Sanitary

Their sanitary design fulfills the highest hygienic requirements for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

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CinchSeal shaft seals are also available as split version which eliminates the disassembly of bearings and transmission, making the installation a cinch.

How do CinchSeal shaft seals work?

CinchSeal shaft seals always work with the same principle and are made up of three components

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The Silicone Elastomer

The patented silicone elastomer (Rubber Boot) grips the shaft and turns with the shaft. This is the centerpiece of the seal, because it protects the shaft from wear and transfers the shaft's rotary movement to the Rotor Cups.

The Rotor Cups

The Rotor Cups, made from PTFE with Wollastonite, are the sealing surfaces that turn with the shaft and are compressed against the product and atmospheric side of the seal's housing.  

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The Housing

The seal's housing provides the internal compression that pushes the Rotor Cups against the sealing surface. An additional air purge supports the internal compression and allows for an automatic adjustment of the seal in case of shaft movement or misalignment. The housing can be supplied in hard-coated aluminium, mild steel or 304 & 316 stainless steel.


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Mixers & Agitators

Screw Conveyors & Extruders

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Conveyor Belts & Elevators

Drying & Cooling towers and many more...

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Chocolate, Bakeries & Catering, Cereals, Cheese & Dairy, Crackers, Fruits & Vegetables, Meat, Snacks, Sugar & Candy,

Biological & Chemical Products

Batteries, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics & Polymers, Pulp & Paper, Rubber & Latex, Paints & Pigments


Construction, Glas, Clay & Earth, Mining & Milling, Chalk, Limestone, Cement, Bitumen

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Wastewater treatment, Bio-gas 

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